5 Critical Elements Every B2B Video Needs to Have

5 Critical Elements Every B2B Video Needs to Have

September 28, 2020 | By Jen Phillips April | No Comments

Video. You might love it or hate it. And you might REALLY hate the idea of getting in front of the camera yourself.

Yet, you know people like watching videos, and you’d like to give it a try. Or you’d like to help your clients by encouraging them to utilize it.

That’s a smart move. After all, businesses are really catching on to video, and producing a lot more of it.

In fact, HubSpot reported that 81% of all businesses now use video as a marketing tool — which is DOUBLE than the year before.

Plus, video is only going to continue growing. Communications giant Cisco predicts video will be 82% of ALL internet traffic by 2021.

B2B video is powerful when done well. It can help people feel like they know you, or know your client if you’re doing the video for a client.

When they can see your facial expressions, hear your voice, and see you in action, it conveys much more than an email.

But let’s face it. All video is not created equal. There’s a big difference between an Emmy-award-winning video and the one your last co-worker made that makes him look like he’s in the witness protection program.

It’s not the camera (there’s plenty of high-quality videos made with the same smartphone you have).

It’s not the lack of subject matter knowledge (you probably know your topic inside and out).

But there is a fundamental difference between your videos and the ones you feel confident sending out to potential prospects.

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