Reality Blog: Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Website

Reality Blog: Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Website

September 2, 2020 | By Curtis Dennis | No Comments

Most freelance writers would agree that their website is a crucial component of their business success. Getting your site built means making decisions about the layout, colors, fonts, and navigation options.

But before you get to all the design options for your freelance website, you have to register a domain name or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for your site through a registry service.

The domain purchase process was simple and easy when I purchased my first domain way back in 1999. You could enter yours or the company name, pay the fee, and start building the website.

Thanks to the internet’s growth, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and social media components to consider, choosing a domain is no longer a simple and easy process. Today we’ll discuss the essential factors to choosing the best domain name for you or your company.

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