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Reality Blog: The Best AWAI B2B Program for You

Reality Blog: The Best AWAI B2B Program for You

September 23, 2020 | By Curtis Dennis | No Comments

“Which AWAI B2B program is best for me?”

I see this question asked in the various AWAI FB groups repeatedly. It’s the second-most commonly asked question, with questions about choosing a niche claiming the top spot.

I typically scroll past posts like these because there is no single right answer. Without some personal knowledge about their skills, experience, and level of commitment, all you can do is guess or maybe suggest what worked for you. And this is why I usually don’t respond to posts like these.

But then a coworker asked me this very question the other day. He’s inspired by my (limited) success so far and wants to get on board the “copywriter express” as I did.

With a career change to copywriting looming in his future, he has already decided to go for the B2B niche. But he got overwhelmed going through the AWAI catalog. So, I offered to help him determine the best AWAI B2B program for him…

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