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6 B2B Copywriting Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make

6 B2B Copywriting Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make

October 6, 2020 | By Mira Anamae | No Comments

While learning copywriting, you also need to brush up on your grammar.

Like essays, your copy needs to be error-free.

Unlike essays, there’s a little room to play around with your grammar when you’re writing copy. There’s a little space between being informal and being understandable.

Snuggle into that space. I call that the ‘comfy spot’ — it’s where you are credible yet informal enough to connect with your audience.

Outside that comfy spot, it’s tough.

Bad grammar butchers your writing credibility. Readers flee from error-filled writing. Most times, these mistakes hide in plain sight — until it’s probably too late to correct them.


You Make These Mistakes Easily

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Mira is a freelance B2B writer for hire. She focuses on direct response email, content writing, and copywriting in the digital marketing niche. Her specialties include content marketing, SEO, and email marketing. She aims to provide engaging content that converts for businesses. As a digital artist, she frequently updates her Instagram art page. When she’s not writing or drawing, her head is somewhere in a book. You can find out more about her on her LinkedIn page.

6 Writing Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make

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