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Reality Blog: Avoiding the Perils of Carousels

Reality Blog: Avoiding the Perils of Carousels

October 14, 2020 | By Curtis Dennis | No Comments

Carousels are one of the world’s most deceptive inventions ever created.

Just think about all the artistic energy spent merely attracting passerby’s attention and to pique some interest. If you choose to ride, you’ll quickly discover that the destination is the same as the starting point. A rider makes no progress in their journey, despite all the carousel’s movement and energy.

Now that I think about it, the carousels at the amusement park operate the same way!

What? You thought I was talking about amusement park carousels?

No, I am talking about the image carousels (sometimes known as “sliders”) that appear on so many websites today. A carousel has different “cards” (images) that are shuffled to display different content.

I can’t understand how they remain so popular while providing no real benefit to anyone. This week, our topic is all about avoiding the perils of carousels on your (or your client’s) website.

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