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Reality Blog: My Website Needs SEO Services ASAP

Reality Blog: My Website Needs SEO Services ASAP

October 21, 2020 | By Curtis Dennis | No Comments

This past week, I received a lead for a new SEO project and thought I would share the experience with everyone in the group.

The email I received from a Seattle-based house cleaning company owner stated, “My website needs SEO services right away!”

I called the owner to get some more details about her site. She said the site launched in late 2016, got a mild update in 2018, and she was getting consistent new leads and customers until about six months ago. She talked to her web designer, and he suggested that it was time to hire an SEO expert to get traffic moving to the site again.

Initially, I was thrilled to hear my prospect say, “My website needs SEO services.” But after a few clicks, I knew SEO wasn’t the answer for the issues I’d found…

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