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Use BPI in Your B2B Copywriting to Improve Your Client’s Results

Use BPI in Your B2B Copywriting to Improve Your Client’s Results

October 26, 2020 | By Tracey Crosby | No Comments

It was 1928 and two brothers, Paul and Joseph Galvin, were about to embark on a journey that would propel them into the history books. From World War II to the moon landing, from the advent of color TV to the birth of the mobile phone era, they had a hand in it. And you can use what they did to amplify results for your clients.

But first, a little background…

The Galvin brothers started making and selling battery eliminators. But, within a year, the 1929 stock market crash threatened to crush their fledgling business. Indicative of their future success, they had another idea — sparked by William P. Lear’s radio parts company that was sharing the same factory building.

Paul Galvin decided to develop a car radio and he set about doing just that. This would be breaking new ground and had never been done before. With the help of Lear, the Galvin brothers overcame technical problems — electrical interference, withstanding rough and bumpy roads, even working out how to fit the radio and its bits into a car!

Paul’s goal was to showcase their invention at the 1930’s Radio Manufacturers Association Convention. And he did just that. He hadn’t registered or booked a display booth. But he drove his Studebaker from Chicago to Atlantic City, parked it outside the entrance and cranked up the radio to attract attention…

And created $12.5 billion…


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