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5 Critical Elements of a Good B2B Onboarding Email Series

5 Critical Elements of a Good B2B Onboarding Email Series

November 16, 2020 | By Jen Phillips April | No Comments

When I first heard the term “onboarding series,” I was confused. What exactly did it mean? I knew it had something to do with email marketing, but I wasn’t sure beyond that.

However, as I did some research and gave it some thought, I realized I’d experienced lots of onboarding email series. You probably have too.

According to HubSpot, “A positive onboarding experience confirms to your customers that they made the right choice. It also, ultimately, helps you retain them.”

Basically, “onboarding” is marketing jargon to describe a customer orientation effort.

Here’s a typical example. Let’s say you sign up for a new project management tool to help you stay organized. You receive a welcome email that explains the benefits of the tool (you’ll be organized!) and hints at other, more specific details.

It may say something like, “Over the next week, you’ll receive five emails that show you how to get the most out of this tool. You’ll learn how to add clients or team members, how to schedule and assign tasks, and how to integrate it with your Google calendar and email.”

That’s an onboarding series.

And it’s important.

After all, you’ve signed up for a product. You want the results it promises.

The best way you can get those results is if the company takes you by the hand and leads you to them.

When you see the benefits, you’re likely to keep using the product. It becomes part of your routine, and you recommend it to others.

However, there’s only a brief window of opportunity a company has to convert that initial interest into a long-term customer relationship.

According to Intercom, 40% to 60% of free trial users will try the product once.

That is, they’ll sign up, spend a few minutes with it, and often forget about it as soon as they move on to another task.

However, if you have a good onboarding series, you can help the user realize the product’s immediate benefits. Help them get excited about it, and they’ll keep using it and rave about your product to others.

That’s where the onboarding series comes in.

5 Elements of a Good Onboarding Series

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