How to Sell B2B Video Scripting as a Service to Your Clients

How to Sell B2B Video Scripting as a Service to Your Clients

November 23, 2020 | By Jen Phillips April | No Comments

How to Sell B2B Video Scripting to Clients

Video is the fastest-growing medium online. In fact, the U.S.-based telecom giant Cisco predicts video will be 82% of internet traffic by 2022. As you probably know, people use video to learn new skills, find out how to do something, entertain themselves, or connect with others.

As the fastest-growing segment of the marketing landscape, some sources say 82% of marketers use video and many more intend to incorporate video into their sales and marketing cycles. For example, in the B2B world, webinars and online events are critical for attracting new business.

Now, you might think, “I’m a writer, not a video maker.”

Yet each type of video has a different purpose and, therefore, different writing needs. All of them require some kind of script (even if it’s just a few bullet points).

There’s a lot of opportunity for people who can write video scripts. A quick search in for “video scriptwriter” revealed 433 positions that include “scriptwriter” along with blog writing and other forms of writing.

Let’s look at six common types of B2B videos and the coordinating script writing opportunities.

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