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The Secret to Creating E-books and Using Them to Get Clients

The Secret to Creating E-books and Using Them to Get Clients

November 9, 2020 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

Lead magnets are a traditional way to get more clients for any business, including your freelance writing business. They’re a great way to help your clients and prospects learn something new, apply a new strategy, and subtly advertise your business.

Yet, most of us struggle to create one and then use it effectively in our marketing strategies. I’ve been trying to create an e-book for the last six years and still haven’t done it. Even though I know how useful it could be as a lead magnet to grow my email list, get new prospects, and deepen relationships with my existing clients.

How is it that other freelancers can create e-books that resonate so well with their prospects and do it easily and efficiently? What’s their secret?

I discovered this secret the other day, and it blew my mind. Keep reading to find out more.

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