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Bounce Back Stronger from B2B Copywriting Business Mistakes

Bounce Back Stronger from B2B Copywriting Business Mistakes

December 28, 2020 | By Abraham Onu | 1 Comment

I’ve made mistakes in my writer’s life, and I learned to bounce back from them.

That’s something I’d like to show you today, so you can become stronger in your B2B writer’s journey.

Making mistakes is something we all try to avoid. And most of us fear.

And I understand. Especially when it comes to matters as important as our writer’s life.

Making mistakes in prospecting… mistakes in communicating with clients… potentially coming off as unprofessional, making the client doubt our competence.

It’s only normal to fear making mistakes.

But “fear of mistakes” can stop you from taking steps that will help you move forward on your B2B writer’s journey.

And in fact, you simply won’t grow. Because growing  means doing things you’ve never done before.

And therefore, signing up for mistakes along the way.

So I figured out that the best thing is to develop a “thick-enough-skin.” When you do that, you can keep going when you make those mistakes.

If you’ve ever made mistakes in your B2B writer’s life and it’s begun to slow you down and make you freeze… you’re losing momentum… losing energy and drive… or you’re afraid of making mistakes…

Read on.

You will no longer be afraid of making mistakes in your B2B writer’s journey.

And if you ever make any more mistakes — which you will certainly do — you will be able to bounce back… with a higher level of resistance and energy… and do better from that point of mistake.


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  • Being brand new to AWAI and copywriting, I feel fearful of making a mistake and the imposter syndrome. Reading your article encourages me because we are all human, and all make mistakes. I am hopeful that my first mistake will be a small one that I will be able to handle efficiently, graciously, and professionally. Thank you for sharing great advice.

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