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Reality Blog: Mobile-First Indexing and Your Website

Reality Blog: Mobile-First Indexing and Your Website

December 17, 2020 | By Curtis Dennis | 1 Comment

As I scrolled through my emails this morning, I came across another article stating that Mobile-First Indexing will be responsible for a “complete upheaval to the SERP scores of millions of websites.”

I read the article (five minutes lost forever) to learn more about this impending upheaval. I found one true statement:

“Soon, Google will only crawl the ‘mobile version’ of your website to calculate your SERP score.”

Join me inside as we discuss the implications of Google’s Mobile-First Indexing and the impacts on your website.

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  • Thanks, Curtis, this is a good heads up about the change — And the tools will help me to show the owner of 5 stores that I do the social media for what is coming – which will, hopefully, make me look even better in their eyes. So that I get to the point of they can’t change me out for a cheaper version of Social Media Manager and content creator for their FB and Google My Business.

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