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Reality Blog: FEAR is Just Another Acronym

Reality Blog: FEAR is Just Another Acronym

January 6, 2021 | By Curtis Dennis | No Comments

We have been watching a lot of movies at my house over the last few weeks. And while it can be fun to watch a favorite you haven’t seen in forever, sometimes they can hit a little too close to home.

That was the case this past weekend, as Amber and I were binge-watching movies. As I reloaded our snacks and drinks, Amber searched for another fave for us to watch. When I returned, on the television was a screenshot for Failure to Launch, and I knew I had just found my topic for this Reality Blogger post!

Failure to launch syndrome is a common problem for new copywriters, but why?

The answer is a four-letter word that starts with “F” and ends with “ear.”

Fear of rejection paralyzed my writing career for nearly a decade. Inside you’ll see how I overcame my copywriter fears and why FEAR is just another acronym.


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