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Stop and Reflect to Achieve Your Business Goals Faster

Stop and Reflect to Achieve Your Business Goals Faster

February 15, 2021 | By Jen Phillips April | No Comments

“Getting things done” is more than the title of a best-selling business book. It’s also a mindset that many of us have about life.

You want to get “more” done. And to achieve your business goals faster.

You want to declare a goal like “land three clients by next month.” Or, “Make $15,000 from freelance writing by x.”

These are good goals. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them.

However, stating the goals is often where it ends.

You achieve them — or not.

If you don’t achieve them, then you might come down hard on yourself.

You’ll beat yourself up instead of recognizing that you were missing important pieces in the middle.

Whereas, if you took the time to analyze your actions and outcomes, you’ll probably find ways to achieve your goals faster.

The Key to Analyzing Your Actions to Achieve Your Business Goals Faster

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