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Reality Blog: Rules for the Home Office

Reality Blog: Rules for the Home Office

March 24, 2021 | By Curtis Dennis | 2 Comments

Last June, I decided to set up a home office and became a full-time remote worker. Looking back, it is one of the most intelligent business decisions I’ve made so far.

  • My work commute is only about 20 steps now, instead of being up to 90 miles (one way).
  • No more 3:30 a.m. wake-up alarms.
  • No coworker drama or politics to distract me from my work.
  • And I can wear my pajamas to work, occasionally.

The problem with a home office is — it’s in your home.

Most days, the home office is a huge convenience. Other days, it can feel like a curse.

Like when you realize it’s 9 p.m., you’re still in pajamas, and you missed lunch and dinner again. Sound familiar? That’s why we need rules for the home office.

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  • Dear Curtis of REALITY BLOG – I like your blog how long have u been writing ? Do u do B2B emails and blogs and for what industry??? Do u know any mentors for B2B like emails, case studies (student of Case Studies).
    please see below : I read your blog re NEXTDOOR and advertising sounds good. If in 10 countries does that include CANADA ???

    ? I liked your blog re NEXTDOOR for advertising as I live in a small town in British Columbia, Williams Lake BC and even my Chiro is so much more open than in the BIG CITY of Vancouver, BC. SO!!!Im thinking of asking to do a CASE STUDY for him and the list of possibilites is growing, even a computer company O-Netrix does computer and securtiy work I got a business card without asking from a very friendly/chatty lady who was doing some tech work on a pay per use computer at our LOCAL STAPLES. I have no marketing experience but love networking and will talk to just about anyone so I am going to ask O-Netrix if I can do a freebee case study for my samples. Im just completing Casey Hibbard’s case study live rt now. I have no niche but love case studies, blogging sounds like it could be my next step, is it really necessary to take a course to get started in that or just read lots of blogs???
    I am a health care aide and have studied lots and lots of alternate health products online like Dr. and Healthline, and Healthy Back Institute in more recent years. I have a lot of knowledge but no certificates, despite this I want to find a way to write a blog commenting on other blogs and websites and do reviews of products hoping to link with some of my favorite companies! Do u have any advice for me when it comes to writing blogs!!!??? PLEASE respond any advice is well taken!!! Thx !!! [LeeAnn]

    • Hi Liane,

      Thanks for the kind words…

      I started copywriting back in 2000, when my (now ex) wife and I started a website for contractors to get alI the different forms they needed. She did the coding, and I did the copywriting. I just start writing like I talk with people, and it seem to work.

      I worked as a commercial carpenter and contractor since high school. So my niche is B2B writing for companies connected to the construction industry.

      I personally haven’t worked with a mentor. I did do a one-day workshop with Joshua Boswell a few years ago, which was awesome. All of my writer’s training has come from AWAI programs so far.

      I checked and Nextdoor went live in Canada in September 2019.

      Congrats on the case study program! I have Casey’s program on my wishlist for now.

      As for the specific industry niche, don’t worry about it right now. There is plenty of time to figure it out, and you can always change it later.

      You can specialize by project type and write for the industries that interest you. Gordon Graham is the white paper guy. Jay White specializes in writing email. Bob Bly does long form sales letters. Andrew Davis does video scripts.

      Blogging is another great option for getting started as a copywriter. Whether you’re writing for yourself or clients. I am writing monthly blog posts for three of my B2B clients, plus AWAI on a weekly basis. Yes, companies will hire you to write their company blog posts.

      Some clients may want to see a collection of badges or certificates, as proof of your experience. And while a badge might grab their initial attention, its the writing samples that provide the proof. Its the samples that make them say yes, and hire you for the project.

      With your experience as a health care aide, setting up a blog with reviews and such makes perfect sense.



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