A Roadmap for Your Initial B2B Copywriting Prospect Call

A Roadmap for Your Initial B2B Copywriting Prospect Call

April 12, 2021 | By Laurie Garrison | 1 Comment

Your previous efforts of sending out cold or warm emails will hopefully lead you to the next step — having an initial phone conversation with your prospect.

Making a positive first impression on that call is crucial and working from a Prospect Intake Checklist will help you achieve a professional appearance.

You want to get as much information about your prospect as possible without taking too much of their time. Being prepared and having a set list of questions to ask is the best way to do that.

This call is not a conversation you want to wing. Without having a prepared structure, you may sound unprofessional and forget to ask key questions.

Remember, the goal of this initial conversation is to collect all the information you need to prepare a compelling project proposal.


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  • This gave me a lot of insight as to how to go about preparing myself for that client interview. Thank you, Laurie, it was very good.

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