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Reality Blog: Imposter Syndrome Strikes Again

Reality Blog: Imposter Syndrome Strikes Again

April 7, 2021 | By Curtis Dennis | No Comments

The last few weeks have been an absolute roller coaster here at my office.

I have been applying for several short-term freelance openings posted on the job boards. You know the process… submit the resume, then a writing test, maybe a phone or Zoom interview as well. And then you wait to hear only to find out “you’re too expensive” or “not exactly who they’re looking for right now.”

While I was busy with all that stuff, two of my regular clients went into radio silence mode for nearly three weeks. I didn’t hear a word about current article edits, upcoming articles, or the money they owed me.

I won’t lie. My client’s silent treatment had me second-guessing myself. Before I knew it, I had another case of imposter syndrome on my hands.

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