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3 Hidden Principles for Effective B2B Networking

3 Hidden Principles for Effective B2B Networking

May 31, 2021 | By Abraham Onu | No Comments

I learned why I tripped at the brink of success — trying to win a client on Facebook last year. And I’m here to show you how not to make the same mistake I made — how to do better and win your prospect.

I had always been hungry for success as a copywriter. Studying my courses. Practicing my writing. Researching. Day and night. In cold, heat, comfortable conditions, and amidst relentless mosquitoes — because I wanted success, so badly…

So now that my time of meeting clients had come, the mistake I made was letting my strong drive for success push me to say the wrong thing — and at a critical time.

While it’s a great thing to be hungry for success and charge towards it, the wrong mindset can backfire on you.

In this case, I was responding to a post where I was looking to connect and land a client ASAP. My intention was to engage a prospect and turn her into a client. I replied to her comment and she was super-excited to hear from me. But my next statement turned her off and I never heard from her again.

So I examined what happened and came out with these lessons…

Three hidden principles you need to adhere to if you want to be an effective B2B networker.

Ready? So here we go!

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