Project Success Relies on the Quality of Your Creative Brief

Project Success Relies on the Quality of Your Creative Brief

May 10, 2021 | By Laurie Garrison | 1 Comment

Once your client has signed the Agreement, it’s still not time to start writing. There’s an important step that must happen first — gathering information.

The best and most systematic way to collect this information is to have a Creative Brief, aka a Client Questionnaire. This will help you learn about the company, its competitors, the project, and the company’s customers.

The Creative Brief is not the same as the Prospect Intake Checklist you used before the client signed the Agreement. The goal of the Prospect Intake Checklist is to get all the information you need to prepare a winning proposal.

With the Creative Brief, you go more in-depth with the client to uncover the information and insights you need to write winning copy, no matter what type of project you’re starting.

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