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Reality Blog: Can You Lower Your Fees?

Reality Blog: Can You Lower Your Fees?

May 19, 2021 | By Curtis Dennis | 1 Comment

“Can you lower your fees?”

That is one of my least favorite questions from potential clients.

It’s not like I don’t discuss my rates during the discovery call or don’t list them out on the proposal I submitted. So, it’s a bit scary when the prospect says they’re ready to hire me — if I can work at a reduced rate.

So, in that scenario, what do you do?

Do you stick by your original pricing?

Or do you work for less money?

Here are the very best ways to answer the question, “Can you lower your fees?”

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One Comment

  • I am fishing for my first client so this hasn’t happened to me yet. Great advice I will use when it does. Thanks.

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