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7 Actionable Tips for Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

7 Actionable Tips for Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

June 1, 2021 | By Stella Scooby | 1 Comment

With 81% of email campaigns being opened on a mobile device, it’s important for every marketer to come up with mobile-friendly email marketing strategies.

According to the Campaign Monitor, email open rates from mobile devices have grown by more than 100% since 2011 (as shown in the following figure). And, the percentage of open rates from mobile continues to grow each year!

Percent Mobile Open Rates


What Are Mobile-Friendly Emails?

Mobile-friendly email, also known as mobile-first, scalable, or mobile-aware, is a method of creating emails that look great on all device sizes. Mobile-friendly emails avoid the need for your audience to zoom in and out to view content. They also make it easy to navigate through the email from any type of mobile phone.

As technology shifts away from desktop computers and into the use of portable devices and technology, mobile-friendly email design has become a buzz around the globe.

“Responsive, mobile-friendly email design is crucial to the success of your campaign.”

We all know that mobile marketing is taking the world by storm, therefore your emails must be mobile-friendly. However, creating mobile-friendly email messages remains a challenge.

According to BlueHornet — 80% of subscribers say they delete an email if it doesn’t view properly on mobile, and 30% will unsubscribe completely if just one email isn’t optimized for their mobile device. So, when designing email campaigns for mobile, everything from copy to column layouts and call-to-action (CTA) buttons needs to be optimized for mobile screens.

In contrast to standard email design, mobile email marketing requires a unique approach. It isn’t difficult and isn’t rocket science, but it is important.

Here Are the Seven Actionable Tips That Need to Be Taken into Account When Optimizing Mobile-Friendly Emails

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