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5 Simple Tips for Writing Cold Emails That Convert

5 Simple Tips for Writing Cold Emails That Convert

July 19, 2021 | By Darek Black | 1 Comment

Have you ever been told, “Don’t talk to strangers?”

Well, when it comes to getting new clients, sometimes you must break the ice by sending cold emails. That’s how you turn strangers into allies.

But there’s one problem…

Once you step inside your prospect’s inbox, you enter a stuffy cage packed with competition. Not just from potential competitors, but competition for attention.

The question is, how do you stand out?

Well, the answer is hidden in plain sight:

Your copywriting skills.

Today, we’ll discuss how you can apply those skills to writing effective cold emails.

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  • These are good, specific tips for copywriters. I’m going to post them by my computer. Thanks, Darek.

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