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Six Ideas to Build Your Everyday Writing Habit

Six Ideas to Build Your Everyday Writing Habit

July 5, 2021 | By Diane Sweeney | No Comments

Wherever and whenever you choose to write, we’ve established the importance of making it an everyday writing habit. Finding the incentive or method that will motivate you to sit and write is great — until you realize you have no idea what it is you could or should write about.

What will build your confidence as a writer is having a file or book of pieces you have actually written. Writing daily allows you to find your unique voice and style. (Even if it’s just for your eyes only.)

Consistent writing also helps you build a portfolio to demonstrate your skills and ability as a writer.

Not all clients require you to have previously written work that is directly applicable to their industry. What they do want to know is that you have the ability to write intelligently. To express an idea clearly or persuasively so it can be understood by their audience or prospect.

Writing on any topic not only increases your basic ability to write, but also helps generate ideas for other articles that are of interest to you, your audience, or valuable to another client.

Six Ways to Develop Your Everyday Writing Habit

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