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Why You Need a Video CTA in Your B2B Videos

Why You Need a Video CTA in Your B2B Videos

July 12, 2021 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

While having a script for a B2B video is important, many marketers forget about the call-to-action (CTA), yet the end-of-video CTA can be the most critical part of the video. It helps guide viewers to an action that’ll benefit both them and the company.

Unless you tell people what you want them to do, they won’t do it. Considering how much time, effort, and money companies put into video marketing, it would be a shame to miss out on conversions because there’s no call-to-action in there.

Let’s break down how to use a call-to-action in a video the right way, why they matter, and go over a few examples of good CTAs you can use in video marketing.

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