7 Steps to Increased LinkedIn Engagement on Your Posts

7 Steps to Increased LinkedIn Engagement on Your Posts

August 9, 2021 | By Divya Agrawal | 1 Comment

Cold emailing is good…

And having a website is highly recommended…

But, to attract more business, have you tried LinkedIn marketing for better LinkedIn engagement?

When I discovered LinkedIn, I could publish three times a week, maintain a good enough profile, and get three to five high-quality leads a week, after just three months of consistent execution.

And the leads never stopped rolling in. I could decide what messaging I employed and the positioning I used. I could enter into new markets, reach prospects, build relationships, create a network of referrals, and whatnot.

LinkedIn is an effective marketing tool for copywriters looking to reach out to prospects, find more prospects, as well as attract them with inbound marketing.

Here’s the thing:

Less than one percent of active users create content on LinkedIn consistently.

That means there’s a huge gap in the demand and supply of content on the platform. Posting content consistently on LinkedIn can mean…

  • Better visibility in front of ideal clients,
  • Better inbound opportunities, and
  • Higher response rates for outbound efforts.

High-quality content and expertise shared over time can build your personal brand as a standout copywriter and help you charge top dollar for your services.

If you’ve been consistently posting on the platform already and are not seeing high engagement rates, these tips might help.

WARNING: High engagement rates on LinkedIn in no way guarantee a stream of leads. The quality of your content and your content strategy do. Better engagement comes once you have your content strategy in place.

So let’s dive in.


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  • Super helpful article, Divya! Loved how you got across the concepts with examples for easy visuals. Keep up the good work 👍🏼

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