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Reality Blog: Two Gleaning Tools to Improve Your Copywriting

Reality Blog: Two Gleaning Tools to Improve Your Copywriting

August 18, 2021 | By Curtis Dennis | 6 Comments

When I originally applied for the Reality Blogger position, I wrote about needing to use my gleaning tools to respond to AWAI’s job posting. However, gleaning is one of the copywriter skills I never hear anyone discuss.

Gleaning has two primary definitions. One deals with farming and leftover crops, which have nothing to do with copywriting. And the other deals with collecting or mining information from various resources.

I relied on my gleaning skills to get hired as the Reality Blogger. Here are the best gleaning tools to improve your copywriting and client results, too.

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  • I found this informative and amusing…I love the word: Gleaning!
    New at this, I’ve been making a card file of key categories/types of writing projects. Just a quick overview – something I could grab quickly to refresh my mind. (As a kid, I used to love flash cards.)
    Anyway, I’ve added Gleaning!
    Thanks. (Now, if someone could please tell me what “404 pages” are – I would be thrilled.)
    New Hampshire

    • Glad you enjoyed the article!

      As for those 404 pages… When the server can’t find the requested webpage (usually due to a typo in the link or URL) it will display a 404 page.

      404 refers to the error type – page not found on the server

      The page content says the page can’t be found and usually refers you back to the home page or the navigation bar to help you find what you were looking for. HTH.

  • Curtis, such great examples! I loved the story about digging a bit further and what it can bring out for the client’s benefits. And your example about niching is spot on. I have been resisting relying on my 30-year HR career, but then one day I had the light go off and realized that what I loved in HR was employee wellness and well-being and that’s absolutely golden now, especially during the pandemic. Changing up my LinkedIn profile will make a big difference there, I know.

    • Thanks, Bridget.

      Once I settled on the construction industry and changed my website and LI profile, that’s when things started happening for me. And by writing about what I know, the writing is easier, and I don’t have to spend hours on research for everything I write.

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