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Succeed by Using Flexibility in Your Prospecting Mindset

Succeed by Using Flexibility in Your Prospecting Mindset

August 30, 2021 | By Abraham Onu | No Comments

Being focused on your prospecting goals is a good thing. But being rigid in your prospecting mindset can hinder your chances of success… and could even be a problem, if you’re still looking for clients.

As a new writer burning for success, I discovered this problem and learnt the need to have a flexible mindset — in prospecting — while maintaining focus on the goal — and in landing clients.

I know… it can be tricky — because after all, you’re new in this game. And you want to be strict, disciplined, and focused… make forward progress and hit your goal, right?

Actually, it’s a “marketing virtue” to be disciplined and focused and progress with strength in order to meet your goals.

But at this point, it may be confusing to know when to be flexible.

I have been there too.

And in this article today, I want to share with you tips I got from dealing with a prospective client.

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Author’s Bio:

Abraham Onu is a rising star in the world of copywriting. AWAI VerifiedTM.

A B2B-er. Web Copywriter and B2C copywriter. Specializing in the financial, health, and real estate niches.

Born and brought-up in Kaduna state, but originated from Kogi State, Nigeria.

He’s finished AWAI’s Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection program, and he wants to develop into a Master Copywriter personally, one day.

He brings in the Nigerian flavor of enthusiasm, hard work, ingenuity, resilience, creativity, and determination into the copy world, for the good of his clients.

When he’s not writing copy, he’s either making research, studying, playing Dream League Soccer on his Android phone, engaged in spiritual warfare by prayers, or wandering around his neighborhood doing nothing.

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