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5 Steps to Engage Your Prospect on LinkedIn

5 Steps to Engage Your Prospect on LinkedIn

September 20, 2021 | By Olunose Osho | No Comments

Have you ever moved into a new neighborhood? Was it very easy for you?

For me, it was very challenging because I made some wrong moves in getting to know my neighbors. Call it excitement! I cheerfully tried making friends on the first day by knocking on the doors of 59 people living on my new street!

Walking up to the doors of my new neighbors, inviting them to become my friends, was apparently not acceptable to them, and I got 96% of the doors slammed in my face.

Why did I not get the reception I wanted?

Because I was A TOTAL STRANGER to them.

This situation is what many people trying to network in the ‘hood’ of LinkedIn find themselves in today. If you have been trying to engage prospects on LinkedIn by sending bulk connection requests or being very general in your request, you risk getting ignored or banned from the platform. Especially when those you are trying to connect with are not familiar with you.

Want to learn some effective methods of prospecting without feeling rejected or risk of losing your LinkedIn account? Read on to explore five ways to engage your prospects in a more meaningful way.

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