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Reality Blog: Dealing with Client Edits and Rewrites

Reality Blog: Dealing with Client Edits and Rewrites

September 22, 2021 | By Curtis Dennis | 2 Comments

Most of the edits my clients ask for are subjective.

They usually want to rearrange a sentence or two or add a little emphasis around a benefit or feature. You know, simple stuff I can handle within a few minutes to maybe an hour.

Two clients asked for a complete project rewrite, and I didn’t handle it well. So, here’s what I’ve learned about dealing with client edits and rewrites.

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  • Really useful information (as usual), Curtis!
    I just wrote my first blog for an outside-AWAI client, and they circled back with 3 people’s input! One was “link to more of our existing blogs next time but good to go.” The next was a request to include a bit more information on how their product will improve business profits. And the (brand new) marketing director was absolutely gracious about it, but wanted me to adjust the POV to include more on my perspective from 30 years in HR.
    Clearly the Marketing Manager and I missed some pieces in our (admittedly hurried) conversation around this “let’s try it out” blog post! (And none of their other blogs include that type of POV; this is a first for them.) It’s pretty easy to do #1 and #2 and #3 should be fairly simple also.
    And I feel just fine doing it both because I should have asked more questions and because the new director was so very nice about it. And mostly because I want to keep writing for them!

    • Glad that it all worked out!

      It seems that when the discovery process gets rushed, details get lost. So I don’t tell anyone I can start anything right away. My new default is “I can probably get started on this project ‘some time’ next week (next month) after I have a signed proposal.”

      Of course, that meant spending some time creating an official proposal form. Luckily, I had nothing else to do yesterday, and I found a proposal template in my essential business templates kit that required a few simple edits to make it my own.

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