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Use The Bamboo Effect to Grow Your Impact

Use The Bamboo Effect to Grow Your Impact

September 13, 2021 | By Dan Reinhold | No Comments

You’re on your way. You’ve learned your skills, set up your business, and you’re excited to write for your chosen niche. But… you can’t shake the feeling, knowing what you know, that you could do more to help improve and grow the industry in a way that benefits both businesses and end-users.

You want to make a difference.

You want to both grow your own business in this niche and improve something about the way the industry works.

Many B2B writers write in niches where they already have experience. They know the good and the bad about the industry. And now they’ve got persuasive writing skills, they may want to think about what they can do to improve some things about the way their industry works.

Consider Creating a Change-Based Networking Group

Start a conversation across your chosen industry that opens communication between all segments and increases business and customer interaction. Strengthen the businesses you work with so they serve their customers better, while growing your own organically with a greater sense of fulfillment.

Hey, why NOT you??

And what do I know, anyway?

Hi, I’m Dan, The Cat Copywriter.

I started a cat copywriting service, some cat business networking groups… and even a cat month.


Because I’m going to change the cat industry. And I’m doing it by leveraging The Bamboo Effect.

What Is The Bamboo Effect?

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Dan A. Reinhold is a dedicated cat copywriter serving his own cats and a few billion more, and wishes he could sleep like them.

He helps online cat businesses satisfy every need and desire of cats, even the ones they try to hide.

Come join the LinkedIn Cat Business Professionals networking group to meet, share, and learn with your fellow cat businesspeople. The time for cats in the pet industry is NOW. Let’s get things purring for better business and happier cats!!

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