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Do You Use These Self-Marketing Strategies Well?

Do You Use These Self-Marketing Strategies Well?

October 21, 2021 | By Abraham Onu | No Comments

Getting B2B clients doesn’t have to be complex or difficult to figure out.

Your level of copywriting experience doesn’t matter — you can win clients using the easy strategies I’m about to show you today.

Prospective B2B clients want to work with professionals, whom they are sure can deliver quality work and help them meet their goals…

But the good news is, so long as you can supply these things, clients won’t care your level of experience.

They’ll view you as an expert, a thought leader, an asset to their business. And they will want to work with you.

Not by using a hard sell…

That’s not what gets B2B prospects to “buy” something… they look for very different things from an organization — or expert — that intends to sell them something.

Their motivations are different.

It took me a little while to figure out what those motivations were.

But when I did, these easy self-marketing strategies helped me breakthrough the walls… and made my journey shorter.

And I’d love to see you succeed, just like I did.

That’s why I’m excited to share them with you today!


Here we go…

Sell an idea or insight.

B2B clients tend to look for partners who can provide a piece of knowledge or expertise they don’t have in-house.

So, present yourself to them as a knowledgeable professional — focusing on the copywriting expertise you’ve acquired. And then add in whatever your industry knowledge or experience is.

Here’s how.

Let’s say, you want to attract clients in the SaaS market.

First, learn to write the kind of copy pieces those companies use in their marketing.

Be the copywriting expert, first and foremost.

Then, besides any actual industry experience you might have, read industry-related news. Read special reports. Read data and statistics that relate to SaaS (Software as a Service) market.

By combining your knowledge of copywriting with your industry insights, you can create value.

Share some of these ideas in the form of blogs, articles, videos, or LinkedIn posts…

And you will start

  • Getting attention,
  • Winning respect, and
  • Building momentum with these potential clients.


Sounds fun and easy, right?


Don’t hard sell… in fact, don’t sell at all.

Remember that B2B prospects don’t like being sold to. But they like doing business with professionals whom they perceive as partners.

And you want to earn money for the expertise you can provide…

So, here’s the thing…

Don’t try to sell to them.

If you do, they’ll see you as a salesman — instead of an expert like themselves.

Instead, build relationships with them.

The kind of people B2B prospects like to do business with — how it affects your game.

B2B prospects like doing business with specialists like themselves.

So, when you present yourself as a specialist, you show your prospect you will be a partner who can help them meet their goals.

Now, as an aspiring copywriter who wants to make a living as a B2B copywriter, you may not feel like the suit fits perfectly yet. But don’t let it worry you.

Here’s what to do now.

  • First thing is to make sure you have specialized copywriting skills.

Then specialize in the niche they operate in — by learning that niche. Read special reports on that niche. Blogs. Articles. Follow the news in that niche.

That’s a fast way to learn the industry.

Combine that industry awareness with the training and knowledge of how to write the specialized copy projects most in-demand in their niche. If they use a lot of white papers or case studies, be sure you have the know-how to write them effectively.

  • Secondly, don’t use hard-sell pitch to invite them to come do business with you.

Try not to use that burning “sense of urgency” — act now!! Call me now!!


Simply engage with them demonstrating your expertise ─ send them a blog you think would help them; congratulate them on a new product release; notice something they might need and offer to help.

No hard sell… just an opportunity to build a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Always remember…

These B2B prospective clients are looking for top-level professionals to do business with. Because that’s where they’re comfortable doing business.

And when you — a trained B2B copywriter — arm yourself with these self-marketing strategies, you stand to capture their attention and win them over.

So, sell yourself by sharing your industry ideas and insights. That will show them you’re a professional like themselves — instead of a salesman.


Have any questions on today’s self-marketing strategies topic? Feel free to share. I’ll be happy to answer them.

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