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Five Ways to Fuel Your Resilience and Build Your Business

Five Ways to Fuel Your Resilience and Build Your Business

October 11, 2021 | By Angela Weber | 1 Comment

What is resiliency, and how would honing it help you in your writing career?

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from adversity.

Adversity can operate on a small scale, such as:

  • getting a low response rate to cold emails you’ve sent out
  • having a prospect choose another copywriter
  • not enjoying the job you’re doing on a day-to-day basis

Adversity can also operate on a larger scale, such as a worldwide event, medical emergency, or personal crisis.

One of our Book Club selections in B2B Writing Success was Getting There: A Book of Mentors, in which Gillian Zoe Segal shares the stories of 30 very different people and their personal stories of success, failure, and perseverance. It was those stories which inspired the following thoughts.

Bad things happen to good people every day, and do you know the difference between those who let these traumatic events affect them, and those who stand up and calmly and methodically build it all back?

You’re Right — It’s Resilience!

Imagine your mind as an airtight container which needs a supply of resiliency — the fuel required to drive your writing career forward.

You need to keep refilling your resiliency tank. Picture it this way… You know how your car works. You wouldn’t expect to fill up your fuel tank once and be set to travel the world. You need to refill your tank periodically if you want to continue traveling toward your next destination.

It’s the same for keeping your resiliency supply refueled.

Below are five actions you can take to keep your resiliency tank filled to the brim, allowing you to be victorious in your business, no matter what life throws your way.

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  • Having a Road Map to follow is always great as long as you realize that what you have in front of you is your Guide, your Plan to follow, and get from where you are to where you want to end up once you’ve completed following your Plan, Your Roadmap.

    You are taking a lot of guesswork of how you will reach the goal you’ve chosen for yourself. Each day that you follow your plan will bring you one day closer to that final day where you can say you’ve accomplished what you had set out to do, bringing a great feeling of joy in knowing that.

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