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How I Gained My Copywriting Identity

How I Gained My Copywriting Identity

October 18, 2021 | By Bridget Gleason | 5 Comments

What a relief! I now have an identity. I hadn’t realized how insecure I’d felt without one, as I’ve been moving into this new field of copywriting.

We all want to have an identity. In fact, we generally have several. In our personal lives, professional lives, and often in vocational areas as well. It’s how we frame our relationships with each other and the world around us.

When I was “growing up” in human resources, at first, I was new. I had some classes behind me but both me and those I worked with understood I was new. No one expected me to know everything.

Then I got some experience and became a manager, then a director, each time based on what I’d learned and on the various opportunities I’d been given in my career.

And each step of the way, I had an identity.

Having an identity feels normal, usual. Like being a real person. Like the way I felt when I could say, “I’m an HR Director.” Or “I’m a legal secretary” before that. Or any one of the other identities I’ve had in my life. People understood it — and so did I.

And identities often have well-defined stages. In corporate work, it’s called a “career ladder” or “career path,” as if it only goes one direction.

In copywriting, it looks more like a “career tree” to me.

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  • Cool insights, Bridget! I enjoyed reading up this article and must admit that ‘building what you already know’ resonates as the biggest advantage we already own.

    • Yes, in so many ways. Not necessarily in a subject niche – but with a background in business writing in general, for example.

  • Thank you, Bridget, for this relevant and succinct account of what it means to be an Experienced Newbie. There are so many of us out there these days! I think soft skills will become increasingly important as more people leave their jobs to try a new direction in their careers. And the time management tip of treating your business like you’re at a job is spot on! Bravo!

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