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How to Get Hired with Zero Writing Experience

How to Get Hired with Zero Writing Experience

October 4, 2021 | By Tarun Denniz | No Comments

How do I get hired with no experience?

That’s a question I asked myself all the time when I started freelancing.

Most of the job descriptions I read wanted at least two to five years of work experience. Those that needed little experience paid less than 10 cents per word! And the clients I had reached out to wanted someone who had worked on a few projects.

It was not going as well as I’d pictured.

Thankfully, through my network of family and friends, I got two potential leads. Despite their positive and glowing references, it still required me to pitch my services to the clients and prove my worth.

Previously, I tried to impress clients with detailed presentations and different service packages to gloss over my lack of experience. I’d provide a detailed breakdown of the service costs, so if I was outside their budget, they could still hire me for the parts they could afford. And I would talk nonstop (at times) about what I could do for them and why hiring me was their best option.

If the topic of experience came up, I’d spout that job hunter’s cliché, “What I lacked in experience, I make up in enthusiasm and hard work.”

But I wasn’t getting hired, and this approach wasn’t working.

It was time to change my method if I wanted to get work. I had to focus on areas that made me stand out as a copywriter.

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