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Find Your Why: Balance Your Writer’s Life with a Vision Board

Find Your Why: Balance Your Writer’s Life with a Vision Board

November 11, 2021 | By Bonita Mosley | 1 Comment

One of my favorite business tools is the vision board. Basically, it’s a visual image of what makes you happy and a picture of who you’d like to become. It answers “why” you work so hard to succeed.

You need to know the “why” to find your best place in the writing world.

The first time I saw a vision board was in the movie, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

I became interested and tried it myself. I’ve been amazed that it’s had such a big influence on my writing life.

Last week, I led a Vision Board Workshop for a Women’s Ministry group. Some thought it might be a fun “show and tell session.” A couple of ladies were afraid of the “woo-woo” hype about it being magic. And of course, others were just glad to get out of the house to do anything after last year’s shut-in!

I’m happy to tell you that doing the thought work and making the boards made an impact on every woman, wherever she was in her life. So, I’d like to share some of the basics with you and hope you’ll also find it beneficial.


Visualizing a Balanced Life

Living a balanced life means you are able to be successful in all areas of your life. Nothing is taking energy or sacrifice away from another important part. You’re able to dream, achieve your dreams, and share your dream with others. Balance is a key to your writing life success.

Why not just make a list of goals? Well, if you’ve tried that, how has it worked out for you? Have you stuck with it more than a few months? Most people haven’t, and for a good reason… Lists are mental. They are easy to let go or change.

Things that are visual are emotionally powerful. That’s why we remember a movie that touches our hearts or scares us silly for years. And persuasive writing focuses on targeting emotions for results.

Vision boards use images and colors that give you a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, ideas of successful achievement. You choose images you can see yourself having or doing — like being in a beautiful garden, or the house of your dreams. Maybe a picture of logos from the types of business you’d like to write for.

Maybe you have a picture of a bookcase that reminds you of the books you hope to write and someone enjoying them in their library. Put on pictures from charities or ministries you love to support. On my vision board, I have a picture of a pretty table full of friends having coffee and laughing. With a mix of visuals on your board, you can see how the different areas of your life work together.

A vision board is a reminder of what you’d like to have, do, and be. By being able to see it daily, you’re reminding yourself to look for opportunities to make these things happen. You’ll begin to take active steps towards your desires.


So, How Do You Make a Vision Board?

  1. Buy a piece of poster board — any color will do if you like it.
  2. Gather some papers, like scrapbook papers, to use for the background. As a writer, you might use pages of text from junk mail, or old phone books. Keep it soft so they won’t overpower your images. Glue these to your board with paste, not liquid glue because it makes lumps.
  3. Collect several old magazines — at least one or two about your favorite subjects — skydiving, woodworking, or hydroponic gardening, etc… Leaf through the magazines, cutting or tearing out any image that speaks to you; it could be color, style, something you’d like to buy, someplace you’d to go, or an image that shows how you’d like to feel. The main thing is you feel good about it.
  4. Cut out words that you find motivating. You can write motivational sayings, quotes, or verses that inspire you.
  5. On a separate piece of paper, create a nine-box grid like the one below. This is your balanced life grid. You can arrange the subjects any way that suits you. I found this arrangement effective because it puts my heart and faith in the center. Many areas will overlap or touch as they do in life.


Your giving or charity What you do  Who you are
Your emotional self Spiritual or heart Your social life
Your lifelong learning What you make Your home and surroundings


Now you add the images onto the board in a way pleasing to you. Hang it where you can see it frequently. It’s a reminder of your heart’s desires.

How Does the Vision Board Work?

What happens if you want to change something or add more detail? Yes, just go ahead and add them. I have pins attaching little notes all along the border of my board.

Are there other ways to make a vision board? Yes, you can make an art journal as your board. Some people have cut the poster board into book-size pages attached by fasteners.

How can this become a picture of your writing life? My board has a corner where I have my pictures of the children I support in missions and hospitals. I want to have clients to help me give more to help them.

In the center of my board is a visual representing my faith. Above that there is a classroom of happy people in a class, enjoying one of my workshops. My artwork is posted near the happy people, and my friends are having coffee with me. Being a writer gives me the freedom to do these things.

I have a notice of the launch date for my business, and the AWAI Bootcamp date. There are little books pinned to the board that look like the jackets to the books I’m writing. And finally, a beautiful garden and a gardener to take care of it.

Be sure you put a picture of yourself on your board. You are the reason for all this goodness.

It’s not magic. Just putting on the pictures on a poster board doesn’t make it work. But as you view it daily, your mind is ready to look for opportunities to make it work. You are going to be surprised how fast that happens!

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  • Ms.Bonita
    Alfonso here. I love your vision board idea. It’s very creative and a perfect way for the person or persons utilizing it, stay focused on where their journey began and is pushing towards.

    Truly Appreciate you lending your success strategy.

    Alfonso J.

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