Social Media Mktg Roadmap: Now’s the Time to SCORE

Social Media Mktg Roadmap: Now’s the Time to SCORE

November 30, 2021 | By EG Orren | No Comments

Over the past three modules, we’ve looked at how strategy impacts customers from a business point of view. This week, we’re going flip the script. We’ll look inward to internal operations.

What do internal operations have to do with social media marketing?

As buyers, we don’t see a company’s departments as independent. Our experiences and interactions are omnichannel. They’re integrated across everything we consume, online and off.

Over two-thirds (69%) of customers expect connected experiences. That number is growing. It’s not just on social media, it’s across all forms of communication.

With unified operations, your client gives their customers the experience they want. And they grow 19% faster and have 15% greater ROI.

It’s a win-win.

Everyone needs a shared understanding of their customer and a unified approach:

  • What do customers need?
  • How do different touchpoints affect taking the next step?

Looking at channels independently can’t answer these questions.

Now’s the Time to S.C.O.R.E.


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