Social Media Mktg Roadmap: The Try-Buy Principle

Social Media Mktg Roadmap: The Try-Buy Principle

November 23, 2021 | By EG Orren | No Comments

In our last article, we talked about using the KLT principle or  “Know-Like-Trust” to acquire new clients.

The Transition from Top-of-Funnel to Bottom-of-Funnel

But the traditional “Know-Like-Trust” principle in social media usually stops when someone says “yes” and becomes a customer.

B2B companies are very happy to invest in KLT social media strategies to get better qualified leads.

But social media isn’t used as extensively to help nurture and retain current customers as part of a strategy to increase ROI.

Over two-thirds (69%) of marketers agree that “traditional marketing roles” limit customer engagement. That’s a dramatic 53% increase from 2018, but still, most B2B marketers are only using social media for top-of-funnel leads and are not focused on using it to keep customers engaged.

That’s why now is the perfect opportunity to position your clients ahead of their competition by turning the funnel into an hourglass to reach their customers at every stage of the buying journey via social media.

That means instead of strictly focusing on new customers, building better relationship with existing ones as well.

Using social media marketing across the entire customer journey positions your clients apart from their competition.

Here’s how…

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