How and Why to Repurpose Content into Sales Battlecards

How and Why to Repurpose Content into Sales Battlecards

December 27, 2021 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

When prospects are first learning about products, more than one-quarter of B2B buyers research independently online. Further into the buying process, it jumps to 60% at the consideration stage, and 20% at the decision stage.

Even with so much information available to B2B buyers online today, the sales rep is still an important part of a B2B sale.

If the sales team isn’t equipped with in-depth information about these potential customers, their own products, and competitors, they’ll find it hard to close deals. That’s where battlecards can be useful.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a battlecard is a sales aid comparing a company’s products, services, features, and pricing to one or many competitors.

Battlecards are an important tool created for sales enablement — they’re specifically written to move the sale forward by covering all the key points a salesperson might need when on the phone or face-to-face with a prospect to prove their company’s products or services are the best choice.

Creating battlecards may seem like something only a sales team member can do, but your work as a B2B copywriter has positioned you perfectly to do them too.

You already know how to research your clients’ competition, and you’re well-versed in turning facts and figures into benefits. Plus, you’ve probably already repurposed marketing content into different formats, right? Well then, you’re all set to help your B2B clients create battlecards for their sales teams too.

Let’s dive into how you can apply your skills and knowledge to sales battlecards and help your B2B clients create a key tool in their sales toolkit. But first, a quick look at the structure of battlecards.

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