5 Ways to Boost Content Value and Avoid Fluff in Your Copywriting

5 Ways to Boost Content Value and Avoid Fluff in Your Copywriting

January 24, 2022 | By Mariah Krist | No Comments

Word count can play a major role in copywriting. Many clients give copywriters specific word count requirements — and often, longer content projects pay higher fees. However, aiming for a higher word count shouldn’t take away from the value of your content. You should still avoid fluff to retain high-quality content.

Out of desperation to meet a certain word count, you may find yourself writing “fluff” into your text. That is, long and unnecessary sentences that add absolutely no value or meaning.

Or you could even have fluff unintentionally from not properly editing your content.

Fluff takes away value and can make your reader grow bored or even forget what your message was.

How do you avoid fluff and keep the value of your content intact? Let’s look at a few basic yet effective ways to do this.

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