Reality Blog: Use Content and Copy to Energize More Six-figure Growth

Reality Blog: Use Content and Copy to Energize More Six-figure Growth

January 26, 2022 | By Judith Culp Pearson | 1 Comment

Maybe you’ve had this experience? Like me, perhaps you got one of those AWAI letters or emails. The message caught my attention, imagination, and dreams.

Enthusiastically, I joined Barefoot Writer and The Professional Writers’ Alliance. I joined Circle of Success and took whatever courses sounded great. Probably mostly content. Yet when I found clients, I wasn’t making enough to change my life.

I needed better clients who would pay me more. Time for another class?

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Judith Culp Pearson

Judith specializes in human to human copy and content; scripts, stories and emails interwoven with SEO marketing to maximize ROI. She uses result focused relationship building to engage readers and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

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One Comment

  • Judith,
    I loved this article. Realistic.

    It wasn’t another “How to” or “Listicle” that we are seeing so much of now. Life doesn’t move in a straight line. It zigs, zags, and sends us on detours. Someone on LinkedIn says the magic happens on the detours.
    I think the same can be said about our freelance careers. Expect those detours.

    Thanks for sharing your lows and highs. Well done.

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