Reality Blog: First Retainer Client is Exciting – Until…

Reality Blog: First Retainer Client is Exciting – Until…

April 21, 2022 | By Judith Culp Pearson | No Comments

A retainer client is the Holy Grail for many writers. And getting your first retainer client can give you a big rush of adrenaline. You feel pumped, stoked, and flat-out elated. Regular money coming in each month. Woo-hoo!

My husband and I celebrated and toasted my first retainer client with a glass of wine. Life was sweet, and the journey to make it as a writer had finally turned a corner.

The project, a video sales webinar with the necessary supporting documents, could keep me busy for a long time. It had some challenges, but I had already spotted additional needs once this was up and running.

But then the client sent me an email that sent my world spinning…

And that’s when I learned from my retainer experience that the dependable monthly income is great, but there are things that can go wrong.

However, you can set up a retainer for success. You can avoid the pitfalls if you know what they are.

Before you agree to a retainer, here are three key things you’ll want to watch out for that can sabotage you financially or drive your stress through the roof. But first, here’s the quick look at what happened in my first retainer arrangement…

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