Sales Enablement Clients: Which Companies Should You Target?

Sales Enablement Clients: Which Companies Should You Target?

April 7, 2022 | By Craig Grossman | No Comments

B2B sales enablement copywriting is all about helping sales teams save time and increase their sales with the copy they need. I’ve talked about the most in-demand projects for sales enablement copywriting and who you should contact in an organization to begin a discussion about your sales enablement copywriting services. Now we’ll discuss who your best sales enablement clients would be.

Here is the following question to ask yourself as you pursue B2B sales enablement copywriting projects: What kinds of companies or organizations will give me the best “bang for the buck” as sales enablement clients in my prospecting efforts?


When Customers Make a “Considered Buying Decision”

The most important consideration is to target companies where their customers require a “considered buying decision.” This means the purchase is a significant decision for the customer. The buyers will spend time and energy researching the desired product. This could include determining the most critical features and benefits, available alternatives, and comparing different brands. It’s not an impulse decision!

Here are a few examples of these types of products:

  • A personnel company needs more up-to-date accounting software.
  • A restaurant’s cooler isn’t cooling like it should and needs to be replaced.
  • A sales company is expanding its salesforce so fast that it needs to bring in a sales training company to help get new salespeople up to speed.

Note that these are not routine or “small number” purchases. Any time spent by the buyers conducting product research, comparing alternatives, and talking to a salesperson is worth the effort.


The Best Types of Companies to Target

  • B2B Companies — In general, B2B companies will be better than B2C companies for potential prospects. B2B companies usually make and sell products and services that have a higher cost to the customer. So the client will take more time and effort to make the best buying decision for their situation.
  • Tech and SaaS (Software as a Service) Companies — As a subset of B2B companies, they have product mixes that are constantly changing or being updated. So they need SE copywriting continually for their salespeople. These target companies are perfect for B2B copywriters with a technical background or who have an interest in tech.
  • Companies That Have a Dedicated Sales Team — Since most sales enablement copywriting projects are meant to help salespeople, this makes sense. Even if it’s a small sales team, you can help them tremendously!
  • B2C Businesses in Specific Industries — Look for businesses that sell high-ticket items to consumers. They include insurance, investing, real estate, training/coaching, and packaged travel companies. Sometimes consumers make “considered buying decisions” as well!


Who to Avoid In Your Prospecting Efforts

  • Solo and Micro Businesses — Meaning small businesses where the owner or partners do most of the selling. Therefore, they are not worth your time.
  • Organizations That Don’t Have a Dedicated Sales Team — Could be because they’re just starting up or depend on their website or word-of-mouth to do their selling.
  • Companies Such as Wholesalers or Manufacturers That Sell to Retailers — They have their own systems to generate sales. Plus, buying is more routine and takes less of a “considered buying decision” by the purchasers.
  • Companies That Sell Mainly Online — They have customer service people but usually not a dedicated sales team. (Unless they have a corporate sales division with active salespeople.)
  • B2B Start-ups — I’ve had experience with promising start-ups raising money fast and beginning to grow quickly. But generally, it can take start-ups some time to expand to the point of having even a small sales team. Their initial sales could come from the efforts of a charismatic owner or CTO. It could take one to two years for a start-up to get to the point of having a sales team that needs your copywriting help. So qualify these start-ups carefully!


As you start to prospect for B2B sales enablement copywriting projects, take notes on companies that have sales teams, and match the profile of the best types of companies to target, as listed above. That way, you won’t waste time contacting organizations that wouldn’t be a good fit for your services.

This strategy will be your best bet for obtaining well-paid sales enablement copywriting clients!

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