5 Surprising Ways to Use Storytelling to Attract New Clients

5 Surprising Ways to Use Storytelling to Attract New Clients

May 30, 2022 | By Barbara Field | No Comments

As you might have already learned in Part 1 of this series on storytelling, people remember stories more than facts. So, it makes sense to use emotions and be genuine when you use storytelling to attract new clients.

From Part 2 of this series, you learned how to swipe ideas that top brands use in B2B storytelling to attract new clients. So, you’ll now concentrate on where your audience is at, create videos, case studies, and even leverage user-generated content.

Okay, so let’s say you already started using storytelling techniques to market your copywriting business.

For example, you shared the compelling origin story of your business — how you want to spend more time with your daughter and have more freedom to travel across the country in your tiny house.

You see your story resonate… and clients know who you are and what you stand for. Check!

Maybe you also added a few video testimonials to your website. Check again!

Here are less obvious, unexpected ways to incorporate storytelling in the marketing for your copy business and increase your fees and income. Check them out!

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Barbara Field

Barbara Field

Barbara Field helps people tell their stories through Writing Life Stories (guided memoir writing for non-writers) and The Writing Field (marketing, content & editorial). She was formerly on staff at CBS, Harcourt Brace and UC San Diego. Barbara gives keynote speeches, freelances content for companies and is a contributing writer for Verywell Mind. She also published in The New York Times, Forbes, Shape and elsewhere. Her novel won a Writer's Digest fiction award. Barbara recently moved to Venice, Florida. Contact her at barbara@writinglifestories.com or barbara@thewritingfield.com.

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