Reality Blog: B2B Writers Find Clients and Income on Upwork

Reality Blog: B2B Writers Find Clients and Income on Upwork

May 25, 2022 | By Judith Culp Pearson | 1 Comment

Need clients? Upwork is a portal to help writers find clients by connecting you with paying clients fast. Use it to supplement your client work or as a getting started opportunity.

A profile on Upwork creates an opportunity rather like working for an agency, except you’re working directly with clients you choose. In addition, it allows you to submit proposals pretty much as soon as you get your profile set up.

I thought of Upwork as being in the same category as Fiverr. However, when I checked out the two for this Reality Blog, I found some significant differences.

Fiverr promotes cheap gigs and has poor review ratings. 1.68 on 1,182 reviews. So I turned my attention to Upwork.

Upwork is different in its structure. It offers freelancers options, including writing your own offers.

That caught my attention, and I explored it to share with you.  So here’s what you need to know to try Upwork… and one myth that needs debunking.

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Judith specializes in human to human copy and content; scripts, stories and emails interwoven with SEO marketing to maximize ROI. She uses result focused relationship building to engage readers and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

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  • I started my career in UpWork about 9 years ago (when it was still ODesk) and, although it took more time than usual, I was able to find success. The best feeling I get is that it just goes upward from here. My goals in joining programs like B2B Writing Success is to get better at my craft, of course, and to justify increasing my hourly fee at UpWork.

    (I was not able to find a “Join Group” button on FB, BTW.

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