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Reality Blog: The 7 Components of Your Personal Brand

Reality Blog: The 7 Components of Your Personal Brand

May 4, 2022 | By Judith Culp Pearson | No Comments

Confusion — or worse, stop-action — occurs when a personal brand message is inconsistent with what a business actually does.

A brand connects a company with their ideal prospect. More than a name or logo, it’s seven elements that tie together to indicate what the business sells and who they are.

I had to face the reality that my own personal brand wasn’t doing its job. Even my business name didn’t help prospects. So it was time to rebrand.

If you’re considering branding or rebranding, you’ll quickly discover that it’s a process. It’s far more than tweaking your business name or your website’s homepage image.

You need to evaluate seven components when branding or rebranding your business… or helping a client with theirs.

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Judith specializes in human to human copy and content; scripts, stories and emails interwoven with SEO marketing to maximize ROI. She uses result focused relationship building to engage readers and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

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