Use These 3 Content Rules So Your Content Rules… Literally

Use These 3 Content Rules So Your Content Rules… Literally

May 16, 2022 | By EG Orren | No Comments

Content Rules by Ann Handley… the book’s title is as multi-purpose as the messaging…

It’s about the content “rules” (to follow) and that Content does indeed rule (aka “Content is King” 👑).

But there’s also the playful aspect of content rules (awesome). This ties in better with Ann Handley’s belief that “If you aren’t going to have fun creating content, you’re doing it wrong.” Her loud outfits and on-stage accordion playing are a bonus.

Ann lists 11 rules for content. We won’t review them all, but there are three overarching themes that stood out to make content rule using content rules (to follow).

We’ll look at each theme individually.

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