3 Effective Ways to Market Your Sales Enablement Writing Services

3 Effective Ways to Market Your Sales Enablement Writing Services

June 13, 2022 | By Craig Grossman | No Comments

If you’ve been following along in this B2B Sales Enablement Copywriting series, I’ve covered three crucial subjects so far:

  1. The most popular sales enablement writing projects companies need.
  2. Who should you reach out to about hiring your for your sales enablement writing services.
  3. What types of companies are more likely to hire you for sales enablement writing services.

The next obvious question is: How do you market your sales enablement writing services to companies that might need help… and start winning paid projects?

Marketing yourself to company professionals can be divided into three general strategies. These are:

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Craig Grossman

Craig Grossman

I'm a freelance B2B content and copywriter based in Spokane, WA. I learned a ton of business lessons as a gourmet foods broker for over 30 years! Luckily, I sold my business in January 2020 to become a full-time copywriter. I'm certified by AWAI as an SEO, UX, and Sales Enablement Copywriting Specialist. My downtime activities include hiking, skiing, gardening, investing, and being the "Bubble Guy" at children's events.

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