Reality Blog: How to Cope with Rejection

Reality Blog: How to Cope with Rejection

June 29, 2022 | By Judith Culp Pearson | No Comments

Coping with rejection is never easy. From the time of our caveman ancestors, they depended on being in the tribe to survive. Getting rejected or, worse, kicked out was likely a death sentence.

You don’t have those worries today, but your brain hasn’t changed. Your brain still responds to rejection with fear, depression, and putting yourself down.

I had a recent experience with it myself. I was writing for a new client, and they loved my blogs. Then they asked me to write a new type of project. I worked hard for over a month. I got outside feedback and felt it was good. Then, they canceled the project.

It was crushing as I really hoped for a long-term relationship with them. My brain froze, and I could hardly write anything for two days.

Then I used the three approaches below to move forward. Try them the next time you face rejection.

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