Reality Blog: Empower Your Profile to Help More Clients Hire You

Reality Blog: Empower Your Profile to Help More Clients Hire You

July 20, 2022 | By Judith Culp Pearson | No Comments

When you clearly define who you serve, it makes it easier for those clients to find you and helps more clients hire you. However, when you’re just starting, you may tend to describe what you do in very general terms.

Generalities usually stem from fear of boxing yourself in and ruling out clients. So you come up with a very general name for your business and general terms about what you do.

But at some point, you may want to consider a more targeted description of who you want to write for and reframe your marketing to align with this. When you do this across every touch point where you connect with potential clients, you send a consistent message.

Here are some tips and seven examples of how to redefine yourself by those you want to serve. Then, use them to empower your website and social profiles to attract clients you want to work with and help more clients hire you.

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