Reality Blog: Secret success tool readability to grow more sales

Reality Blog: Secret success tool readability to grow more sales

July 6, 2022 | By Judith Culp Pearson | No Comments

At times in the past, Business-to-Business copy had a reputation for being dry, technical, or difficult to read, lacking readability.

But then, the pandemic changed the way B2B buyers did business. The lockdown forced them to handle business without face-to-face sales calls or in-person events.

Purchases by B2B buyers had to be done mainly online — similar to what was happening for consumers as well.

As a result, now B2B buyers want to have a more B2C user experience — they want to go online and find what they need.

They’ve come to expect that ease in both readability and finding pertinent information. Plus, online purchasing options that offer easy access to support when they need it and fewer work interruptions.

I’ve experienced this shift firsthand in handling customer service for a B2B e-commerce company. That used to mean taking a lot of phone orders. Not anymore — now most orders are entirely online.

It’s so easy for both the buyer and seller.

You can help your B2B clients shift toward the B2C model and improve the buyer’s experience.

How? By making your content and materials more readable. Practice that, and you can become the master of client retention.

Here’s how to use readability to accomplish just that…

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